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“Hello World”: A Brand New Look


When you build a fresh website using the WordPress platform the first post by default is titled “Hello World”. Years ago when I first started building websites using WordPress I would delete the default post, even though Hello World is a pretty nice way to start. But right now as I am toiling away putting together a fresh website to better brand what I do and make it easier for my clients to proof and order images, Hello World  is a great place to start or restart in this case.

Give me a few days to put everything in place as I recreate what I have done on one of my testing servers. Really I am a photographer who loves to build brands and photograph dogs and people. Who would have thought I know my way around a little code, design and creating a presence starting with the nuts and bolts.


Feel free to reach out regarding photographic and creative work. I am currently based in San Francisco and travel back to Boston on a regular basis.